Dear Family and Friends,

W O W !!  What an amazing few months we’ve had!!

We can’t thank you enough for making the journey to Asheville for our action-packed wedding weekend. We still feel the power and support of that day and we are lucky to have such amazing people in our lives.

Immediately following our wedding weekend, we had two nights at the beautiful Half Mile Farm in Highlands, North Carolina. It was the perfect place for some R&R – we enjoyed champagne on the dock and talked for hours about how much we loved every minute of our wedding. We also hiked up Whiteside mountain and had amazing massages at Old Edwards Inn & Spa.  It was bliss!!


10 days later, Hadley fell off her mountain bike (oops!) and just like that the “real” marriage began. Margot temporarily took up all the cooking, cleaning, and caretaking…  and we worried about surgery, healing time, and how our honeymoon to Croatia would be impacted. Thankfully, surgery went well and while it was clear we wouldn’t be mountain biking in Croatia – we were promised Hadley would be able to swim and hike cast-free by mid-June.


We kicked off our honeymoon trip with a night in Chicago to see Brandi Carlile play a sold out show at the Chicago Theater. We had fun with old friends, ate some amazing food, and loved our stay at The Robey in Wicker Park.

From Chicago we flew to Split, Croatia – a small port city in the southern part of the country a few hours north of Dubrovnik. We then headed to Hvar Island where we enjoyed a private boat tour of with an amazing skipper named Mirko. The island is full of lavender fields and olive trees that you can smell from anywhere. We had lunch on the Palenki Islands and tasted wine at Zlatan Otok – a winery with a cellar under the sea.

From the coast we headed to Plitvice Lakes National Park and we were blown away with the beauty of the natural waterfalls and turquoise water. We watched Croatia beat Argentina in the World Cup at a bar at the bottom of a tiny ski hill in a remote village. The fans sang songs, smashed beer bottles, and lit firecrackers with each goal scored.

Our final stop was the region of Istria in northern Croatia. We spent the day hunting truffles, eating truffles, and drinking homemade wine with a 3rd generation family of truffle hunters and their four dogs at Prodan Tartufi. The dogs start their training at only two months old by eating truffle sausage, truffle cheese, and smelling pieces of truffle lightly buried beneath the soil. As an experienced hunter, they can smell whole truffles that are growing more than two feet below the ground. You watch them closely with excitement as they dig in the dirt… carefully making sure they don’t gobble up the precious prize. Pico the dog found two black summer truffles. The rain had loosened the ground and we got lucky… some days the dogs don’t find anything.

We can’t thank you all enough for contributing to this amazing adventure. We are more than happy to share our itinerary with anyone who is thinking about exploring Croatia. It is a beautiful country with great food, friendly people, and rich history. We had an amazing honeymoon – thank you, thank you, thank you!





A very special thank you to Hadley’s dad, Peter Bergh, for doing all of the artwork on the invitations and this website! xoxo *