Pack your bags you’re coming to Asheville, baby!

We’re here to answer the “What the f*** do I wear?” question. Especially because this is a non-traditional wedding.

Friday Night Kickoff Party – Asheville Formal 
For those of you who don’t know Asheville… it’s a very hippie, casual town. “Formal” for us means jeans, chacos, flannels and fleece. If you went for a hike in the afternoon, no need to change, just come on over!

Saturday Ceremony – Morning Cocktail
Dress for the weather but ‘tis a wedding!

Saturday Afternoon ADVENTURE  Casual and Semi-Athletic
Very casual – comfortable shoes a must.

Saturday Dinner and Dancing Flirty and Fun
Party Attire!! Fun outfits to dance in.

Do I really need three outfits for Saturday? Maybe. You might want three outfits for Saturday. But, you can wear the same thing in the morning and evening if you’d like. The morning ceremony is our “fanciest” event, but we want everyone to be comfortable and dressed for the weather all day.


**Nun on a bike from the LaZoom Comedy Bus Tour which we HIGHLY recommend!!